Introducing Brian Tisdall


I am Brian Tisdall, a fulltime professional artist. I live and paint on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, and I have been painting for most of my life. Art is a passion that has always drawn me back time and again, no matter what my life's direction has been. Realising that painting was something I had to do, I became full time in 1985, and here I am.

Born in Africa, I was instilled with a deep and abiding love of nature and the outdoors; which are the major influences on my work, and that continues today.

Brian at work...

I paint in many different styles and mediums depending on location and circumstance. To me, being an artist is a never ending journey of discovery, a challenge to visually express the world around me. I do choose to focus on happy and pleasant subjects because I can, and it is rewarding to find that many people also enjoy this aspect of my art.

Although my focus is always on painting something new, I am happy to accept commissions based on past work, so please browse and choose from what is on show, or contact me and ask about commissions. I will regularly update my Blog to show my latest offerings.

Thank you,

For further details see my Profile and CV.