Where to see Brian Tisdall's Art

Brian's art gallery is now open. For private viewings please contact us.

Brian sells his T-Shirts and Aprons at the world famous Eumundi Market every Saturday and Wednesday.

Recent Works of Art

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T-Shirts and Aprons

For further details on T-Shirts and Aprons, please visit our Airbrush Blog.

Shipping Details

We can ship your work of art Australia wide! Please contact us for shipping details and cost. Shipping cost will vary depending on weight and destination.

Welcome to Brian Tisdall's Website
Hi and welcome to the world of Brian Tisdall's art. A wide ranging and ever growing collection of artwork inspired by anything and everything. Brian paints in many mediums and has many styles and different approaches to his work. Realistic, impressionistic, surreal, abstract, humorous, carefully rendered or loose and free; Brian's art is a vibrant kaleidoscope of his feelings, imaginings and moods.

These artworks express the emotions that life evokes in the world of Brian Tisdall. He lives to paint, and paints to live; there are no boundaries or limits to imagination. Please enjoy sharing his vision, he is honoured that you are enjoying his art.

Brian's Philosophy of Art
Art is an adventure. Once you gain some basic skills you embark on an infinite journey of exploration and discovery. Inspiration is everywhere. The choices are endless. The more you explore, the wider the options. Most of all, it is a discovery of one's true self; my art is me, I am my art.